Issue 12


We’re a modern publication with a time-honoured tradition: Heresy.

The Heretic Magazine is an engaging digital magazine, incorporating some of the most forward-thinking writers of our age.

Each issue contains a choice selection of feature articles written by a variety of cross-disciplinary experts and enthusiasts in the fields of Alternative History, Lost Civilisations and Technologies, Mysteries and Conundrums, Religion, the Occult, Politics, Science and more. No magazine offers more specialized esoteric content than The Heretic.

Our ethos is simple: question the truth; respect the facts. At The Heretic Magazine, we honour heretics past, present, and future by examining provocative subjects with innovative research.

The question is, are you a Heretic?

By definition, a heretic is someone who dares to tell his or her truth, without fear of the consequences. In the past, heretics were persecuted for what they believed; today, they are rewarded with a voice in the magazine. We want to encourage heretics and share their knowledge, wherever they can be found.

The Heretic Magazine is the creation of Editor, Andrew Gough, and Creative Director, Mark Foster. Each is a researcher, writer, and enthusiast of the esoteric. Together they have created a contemporary magazine featuring the best and most compelling writers who explore complex subjects with clarity, insight, and style.



The Heretic Magazine can be read on mobile devices, tablets, desktop and laptop computers. We have designed the magazine specifically for digital devices, taking advantage of all the latest innovations in digital magazines.



Our website is designed to complement The Heretic Magazine. Many of the writers that you will see featured in the magazine itself will also be contributing to the website. We aim to offer shorter, snappier pieces on the website, while long-form articles will be found inside the magazine. That’s not to say that we won’t be running long-form articles on the website from time to time, but mostly the website is designed to be an addition to the magazine, somewhere to bookmark and frequent when you can’t get enough Heretical material.



Edited and collated by Andrew Gough, Issue 12 features (alphabetically) Ralph Ellis, Andrew Gough, Anna Jamieson, Stephen Mooney, Robert Owings, Malcolm Robinson, and Nallein Satana Al-Jilwah Sowilo. See a full list of the content inside Issue 12…

Issue 12