How can I buy The Heretic Magazine?

Our digital magazine is available via Pocketmags and can be read on mobile devices, tablets, desktop and laptop computers. We also sell a stripped-down version of each issue for original e-ink Kindle Devices (Kindle Paperwhite etc). Please visit the Buy section of this site for more details.

How much is the Magazine?

Each individual Issue is £2.99.

Do you offer Subscription?

Not at the current time.

Are you producing new issues of the Magazine?

We have paused the production of new issues at the current time. If you would like to hear from us if we start up again, or produce a series of special issues, sign-up for our Newsletter.

How Do I Read The Heretic on a PC instead of a mobile device?

To read on a computer (Apple or Windows) simply register an account at Pocketmags then go to The Heretic Magazine page and you’ll be able to purchase the magazine and read it on your computer.