How can I buy The Heretic Magazine?

We now offer an App for most platforms and devices out there. We are on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows 8 Store, and the Amazon Fire Store. We also sell a stripped-down version of each issue for original e-ink Kindle Devices (Kindle Paperwhite etc). Please visit the Buy section of this site for more details.

How much is the Magazine?

Each individual Issue is £2.99 or we offer a subscription for £7.99 a year (four issues per year).

Do you offer Subscription?

Yes, we offer a yearly subscription, saving you over 33% of the price of our regular cover price. Subscribers will receive 4 issues of The Heretic Magazine each year and you will be notified when future issues are released and available for download. Subscription is just £7.99 for a year – which works out at just under £2.00 for each issue you will receive. To subscribe, visit the Buy section of this site and choose your platform.

How often is The Heretic Magazine released?

We are now quarterly and have a fixed release schedule in place. Issue 9 is scheduled for 15th April 2016, and Issue 10 for 15th July 2016. As always, our App has to be approved by each store, so there can be a day or two delay, but, most quarters, we should be live on the 15th itself.

How Do I Read The Heretic on a PC instead of a mobile device?

To read on a computer (Apple or Windows) simply register an account at Pocketmags then go to the The Heretic Magazine page and you’ll be able to purchase the magazine and read it on your computer.

Can I submit an article for consideration?

Yes, we would be very interested to read your article. Please send it to: editor@thehereticmagazine.com