Hero of Alexandria and his Magical Jars

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  • DavidMirsch

    Did Mr. Ellis come to this conclusion (magical jars) independently, or did he glean it from my work, “The Open Tomb: Why and How Jesus Faked His death and Resurrection”, published in 2011?

    The work of Heron/Hero of Alexandria regarding the amphoras Jesus used at the wedding at Cana was detailed in the chapter “Miracles.”

    Just curious.

    David Mirsch

  • Eileen Carey

    This is very interesting…because my Beloved Papa use to always say ” when The Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed ALL Truth of Our past & who We REALLY are was lost & those that do not know their REAL history are dammed to repeat it”..What’s even MORE interesting though is ( & also extremely sad) is on His Deathbed right before He died ( i cared 4 Him at home) i asked Him in the a.m “what would You like for breakfast? His reply was ” I am in Alexandria!” i said ok ..as i walked towards the kithchen my (then) boyfriend & another Friend were making Tea i said ” i guess my Papa is remembering His hometown in Virgina & His Childhood stomping grounds” they agreed…however by time i cooked His breakfast & brought it to His bedside…as i placed the plate on His tray..i said ” Papa im happy your having good memories of your Childhood & the places You lived in Virgina ( although He NEVER lived in Alexandria Virgina) …He looked at me very intently and said ” NO I’M AT THE GREAT TEMPLE I AM AT THE TEMPLE I AM AT THE TEMPLE!!” i was VERY shocked at not only what He said but even more at the intensity that He was ADAMEMT that He was at The Great Temple in Alexandria! The other thing about Him is He was THE MOST compassionate Man & extremely intelligent He was a “Radioman & Cryptographer” in the U.S.N for over 23 years then in “Intelligence” with the U.S Army for another 33 years..He could also fix ANYTHING from tiny Watches, Clocks ,Cars build Guns, Houses etc…He Loved my Beloved Mama & most would have left because She had not disclosed She had 4 Daughters from previous marraige among other things She had been severely tramatized as a Child because of being First Nation ( Native American) & Mexican She had been tortured in the vile “boarding school” as a Child & run away by 4th grade..a “school” that made them “wash” with kerosene oil & floor brushes scrubbing them till they bled all the while taunting them with racial slurs….anyhow Thank You very much.