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  • Merzing

    My family surname, Cripps, is thousands of years old. It relates back to Old English, or earlier, when the noun crip was a curl and anybody with curly hair was called Cripps or Crippy. We have lived in the vicinity of Stonehenge forever.
    Joseph of Arimathema was Mary Magdelene’s uncle and he was a tin merchant trading olive oil and such to the miners of Cornwall for tin which he took back to the Middle East to make bronze.
    A soldier was bribed to puncture Jesus’ side was a spear which was coated with opium. He was put as dead in Joseph’s tomb where they got him out after a day or so. He then appeared to his disciples and said in effect “If I hang around here they’ll just nail me up on another cross.”
    Joseph put Jesus and Mary on his boat and headed to Cornwall, thence to Glastonbury in England, where he disappeared. Glastonbury today is considered one of the holiest sites in Britain.