The Sator Square

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  • Crichton Miller

    An interesting article, surely worth noting that each square was actually made by a real mason. A mason was an artisan working stone to create an image with meaning and translation. The craft extends back to the very first stone workings expressing the secrets of the Universe from Stonehenge, Pyramids, temples through the passage of time to the vast technical constructions of the great cathedrals and churches whose very name means measurer of circles from Kirk and Kirkos refering to the ecliptic zodiac. Consequently speculative masons may speculate that the SATOR square refers in a simplistic form to the very nature of time expressed in stone. An opera(work) of rotas (wheels) turning both this way and that in its endless opposites. As such it represents reincarnation of the endless soul.

  • Pat Murray

    I once attended “alchemy” classes at PRS when Frater Albertus was alive. He had a rebus also: ROTA, TORA,ORAT,

  • Latin Squares of order 4 x 4 can be connected to the elements fire, wind, earth and air, if we designate each of the four digits in a 4 x 4 Latin Square with an element, using their colour characteristics. Each combination can be identified with a Ruling Planet. Read more about it on my blog:

  • Archangel Raphael

    I hate to say it but nobody has dissected the Rotas Sator square like I have.
    Nobody, and I have read most of the articles out there.
    ^^^ A quick look at all of the associations that can be made should suffice in fulfilling my claim to to helping to untangle this magic square.

    RoTaS SaToR Magic Square Anticipates Twistor String Theory

    Is 37 a Portal? ~ Are the Tablets of Karnak the source of the Rotas Sator Square or is it the SwaStika?

    55 – 64 – 73 – The Mithraic Origins and Meanings of the Rotas Sator Square

    All of the above are waiting to be expanded on OR reduced to an idea, and that idea is what we find in the center, the letter ‘N’

    Which I have done in fact.

    The letter ‘N’ is the vital link to the ‘science of triangles’.

    selah V

    137 SS Mystic

  • abhishek mane

    The Sator has been describe in earth measured

  • abhishek mane

    The Sator has been describe in earth measured