Philosopher’s Stone
  • Crichton Miller

    We are born into this life innocent, at this stage we are subject to adopting any impurity in our guardians concepts and quickly adapt to the social contract of what to believe ” without knowledge” and what to express, so as to survive amongst our peers and be taken care of by those whom we see as leaders. This is called faith in its proper meaning of “following a man” and religion in its proper meaning of being “re bound or tied to an ideal”. We are imprisoned with strong bonds. Philosophy means “love of wisdom” and the seeker of truth must break those youthful bonds so as to purify themselves, in other words embarking on an individual life journey using reason and common sense to remove impurity or changing ones primal self from a base metal or rock into an untarnished and pure element. Only a few loners achieve this goal.To the primal man, the metaphor of turning lead into gold satisfies the urge for power. materialism and sex that passes to nothing in old age and is destroyed by death, having but a brief moment of existence. To purify the soul for endless learning and good works through millions of incarnations requires a deep understanding of time and its cause and effect. The ignorant are reactive and not proactive, having no idea of the results of their thoughtless actions. To understand that battle between the powers of order and chaos that creates the changes we see as time, meant using the numbers of nature by measuring the stars, sun and moon with a stone hung from a line and understanding that time is cyclical and not linear. The philosophers stone was but a plumb bob.

  • Greg

    On a tangent to the Philosopher’s Stone is the Philosopher’s Egg which is the crucible used by the alchimests to reduce ores and compounds